Definition and function of cookies 

Cookies are files that are stored on a user’s computer when navigating the Internet and that, in particular, contain a number that allows the user’s computer to be unequivocally identified, even if the user changes locations or IP addresses. 

The website can be accessed without needing the cookies to be activated, although deactivation may prevent the site from operating correctly.

Below you will find information on the types of cookies used by this website and how to disable them.

Types of cookies used by this website 

The use of cookies allows us to facilitate the navigation of the user and adapt the information and services to their interests.

The cookies we use may be temporary (session cookies) or permanent, which are stored in your device for a period not exceeding 24 months.

We use our own cookies and third-party cookies to collect statistical data.

  • Operating Cookies Cookie_ue. The Owner of the website uses strictly necessary cookies that can be used to facilitate the correct navigation of the website as well as ensure that the content thereof is effectively loaded.
  • Social Networking Cookies  c_user, csm, datr, fr, lu, pl, s,sb xs. These cookies are used to include links to social networks in order to share the content of the website. Information is stored only on social networks.

Treatment of cookies

The information obtained through the use of cookies is treated only by PITSTOP WORLD SLU.

What happens if cookies are disabled?

At any time the user can block the installation of cookies, although deactivation may prevent the site from working properly.

How to disable cookies

The user can block or delete the cookies installed on his device using the content and privacy settings available in the browser. The Owner recommends that users consult the help section of their browser or access the help pages of the following browsers:

Internet Explorer: 


Google Chrome




Android (Google): 

Windows Phone (Microsoft) 


También puedes eliminar fácilmente las cookies de tu ordenador o dispositivo móvil mediante el uso de tu navegador. Para obtener indicaciones de cómo gestionar y eliminar las cookies, diríjase a la pestaña “Ayuda” de su navegador. Podrás desactivar las cookies o recibir una notificación cada vez que se envía una nueva cookie a tu ordenador o dispositivo móvil.

There are tools that allow users to detect and manage cookies on each website they visit, such as Ghostery:,

Updating cookie policy

We may update the Cookies Policy of this website. We encourage users to review the Cookies Policy each time they visit this website. Cookies Policy was last updated on January 01, 2017.