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    We now have the best VR motorcycle simulator on the market in our showroom, available for rent . Surprise the attendees of your event with an unforgettable experience: Driving a competition motorbike like a real professional pilot!

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    We provide all the kit you need for creating your VR campaigns. This service encompasses the entire VR industry, from content providers to brands and events agencies.

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    We have the most complete catalogue of virtual reality equipment, accessories and installations. Experiential VR campaigns will play an important role for the coming years, and all campaigns will require VR headsets, high end tech accessories and expert support.

Featured products

  • The 4D Platform achieve an immersive impact for all the senses, combining Oculus Rift, air, smells, water, vibration platforms, sound 360 … All this combined with an event set up that allows brands and users to share the experience in their social networks, for instance our Multisensory Booth inspired by Torre Agbar of Barcelona. We can personalize the...

  • SubPac is high fidelity and plug-and-play. It adds the physical dimension of sound to games and VR, immersing you like never before. Experience storytelling, emotion and audio in a visceral way and feel like you are truly there. Technical service included in the price! Discover its advantages Interested in buying it: Request more information Interested...

  • Multi-person full-body immersive VR made easy. A truly immersive multi-person virtual reality (VR) experience has been be achieved by combining Xsens Motion Capture, Oculus Rift and Unity 3D. Technical service included in the price! Discover its advantages Interested in buying it: Request more information Interested in renting: Set up rental

  • 950,00 €

    With this basic set, all types of VR experiences can be run and enjoy videos filmed in 360 degrees to 3D applications, transporting to you unbelievable CGI environments. Main features: Display: OLED. Resolution: 2160 x 1200. Platform: Oculus Home. Field of view:  110º. Tracking area: 5 x 11 feet. Sensors: Accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, 360-degree...

    950,00 €

    Professional training and technical support for one year. We are at your full disposal so that you can get the maximum performance from your devices.


    During your event, it is of the utmost importance for everything to go swimmingly. Our technical support staff will take care of every little detail so that the experience is a resounding success.


    Whether you have your own content designed or not, we offer you the best options so that the results adapt perfectly to what you are looking for.


A space boasting 200m2 devoted to innovation and emergent technology, in which you will discover all types of immersive experiences for your campaigns.

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